Maison Bon is a counter filled with good food, to be enjoyed on the spot or for take-out; it is a paradise for the uncomplicated gourmet where everything is organic, fresh, home made and gluten-free. Enjoyment is   the only rule to be followed. Breakfast, served all day long, meshes with a nutritious and varied lunch, for take-out or eat-in. At snack time, a tearoom ambiance is etched around the bakery in a live setting where epicurean delights rhyme with healthy ingredients. A Fine foods corner and a juice bar are the finishing touches for a savory experience.

Jelena Stajic

Maison Bon is the union of taste and nutrition where quality takes precedence. It is a healthy and comforting cuisine. The menu changes with the seasons, with the availability of produce in the market, as well as with the tastes of the clientele. It masterfully combines together the superfoods to come up with vegetarian, vegan, organic and above all, GLUTEN-FREE recipes. The superfoods are comprised of exceptional nutritional qualities, known to boost energy and vitality. They therefore go hand in hand with the philosophy of Maison Bon. As a matter of fact, they are found in the Fine foods corner, right beside other products which are used in the recipes of Maison Bon, thus offering more pleasure and well-being.


A graduate of the French school of gastronomy, Ferrandi, Chloé is the mastermind of Maison Bon. She has managed to create a cuisine that is at one and the same time simple, creative, and bursting with flavor. Chloé, very entrepreneurial, has a burning desire to express her creativity. After numerous years of trying her hand at different projects, she is now offering us Maison Bon. She began her professional career in the artistic milieu of fashion and commerce. Inspiration for new ideas is not lacking for this former model with the unusual background. It is together with Antoine, a journalist who today manages the Bar Rouge as well as being co owner of the Italian restaurant Goodfellas on the renowned bund of Shanghai, that Chloé offers us this fresh and innovative concept where the breakfast space, the bakery, the fine foods corner and the juice bar, fuse in order to surprise our taste buds with inventive creations, all of them GLUTEN-FREE.



Château d’Eau (ligne 4)
Gare de l’Est (ligne 4,5,7)
Poissonnière (ligne 7)
Strasbourg Saint-Denis (ligne 4,8,9)


Château d’Eau 4 – Gare de l’Est 4 5 7 – Poissonnière 7 – Strasbourg Saint-Denis 4 8 9